Chicks' twitching keeps them from falling asleep


May 16, 2015
I have two chicks. When they want to sleep, they cuddle up close to each other but keep waking each other up. When one's beak touches the ground, it jerks it's head up and wakes up again, therefore waking up the other chick. How do I get them to not be so sensitive, and why are they doing this? They are about one and a half weeks old.
Sounds pretty normal to me. Be sure they are not too warm. They will do better when they can sleep in the dark, too.
I have six chicks and they all did this to each other. Worse, sometimes one chick would jump right into the middle where three of them were already sleeping. Imagine how long it took for them to settle down! But without fail eventually all of them were sleeping peacefully.......until one of them woke the rest up again.

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