Chicks weak after a long difficult hatch

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  1. i have to very weak chicks i had to assist out of there eggs. they seemed to be stuck in there eggs. they were to big for the egg. they didnt even have an air cell. started to hatch yesterday morning. they didnt get out till 7 this morning. they are weak. one is stronger than the other and is walking alittle. the other insnt moving but is breathing. i gave them some vitimin water and there still in the hatcher but i lowerd the temp a little bit so they dont over heat. what else can i do to keep them alive? ones chirping and moving but its eyes are closed. both are dryed off.

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    If you have a little gatorade that might help, but the thing they probably need most of all is time -- hatching is hard work! [​IMG]
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    Assisted hatches most usually are going to be weak chicks and their chance of survival is significantly lower.
  4. one isnt doing good at all. but i have hopes for the other. heres a pic i took. stronger ones on the right. weak chick on the left. had a bandaid on its legs cuz there messed up and were curled behind it.

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    Mix some molassas(sp) with water till it is the same color as iced tea. Dip their beaks in it so they will drink some. If they can be perked up it will do it.


  6. Quote:ill have to get some molassas. where can u buy it?
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    Advice is, don't assist.
    They need nothing for the first 2 days after hatch except 90 -95 degrees.
    I would only give them water. Honey, agave nectar or other sugar source in the water will give them energy.
    After the first 36 or so hours, if they're still weak, I'd give them hard boiled egg yolk.
    If they still don't respond they're better off not making it.
    Coddling weak birds doesn't help them or the breed in general.
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  8. Quote:ok thank u
  9. the weakest one died [​IMG] but the strong one has its eyes open now and drank water on its own soo hopfully it makes it

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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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