Chicks with a broody??

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    I have a broody sitting on 7 eggs. She has been sitting consistently for four days now! (Thought a buff orp would do it, but no, it was my black austrlorp!) anyway, if she does hatch out some chicks, do you have to feed the chicks separate food? I have no idea what to do about that. I've raised chicks befor, just not with a broody. Do I step in or let momma do all the work?
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    Mar 5, 2014
    I have a broody Australorp sitting on eggs right now too!
    From what I've read, the chicks need to be fed starter feed since laying feed has too much calcium and can cause kidney damage to the chicks. Momma hen can eat the starter feed too since she won't be laying eggs for a while. As for raising the chick, I would wait and see how the mom does with the chicks. More than likely she will show them how to eat and drink and that's basically all they need. She should also protect them from the other hens if they are all together and they try to attack. If she abandons them then they will need to be taken care of in a brooder with adequate warmth and ventilation and whatnot just as you did before.
    Hope that helps and good luck!!
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    My silkie hens on a clutch of six eggs at about day 17 and she's a first time mum and doing a great job! She gets off about twice a day for half an hour and then hops back on and tucks her eggs under. Let her do her thing you won't know if a hens a good or bad mother until she's had a chance. I've bought some chick starter ready for their hatch or you can give them chick mash. Good luck hope you get some chicks!! :D

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