Chicks with adult hens

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6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
I have 4 laying hens in coop, I have 9 barred rock pullets and 10 isa browns pullets about 5 weeks old in my garage under heat lamp at night. My question is when should I put them with the adult hens?
Most importantly you want the temp right out in the coop. They need to stay warm at night, even once feathered out.
I would put them outside with the hens around 4-5 weeks. I put my chicks outside with older hens in 20 degree night time temperatures at 4.5 weeks and I didn't lose a single one. I did not give them a heat lamp outside. A lot of people suggest waiting until the 6-8 week mark, but I have found that they are a lot tougher than we expect them to be.
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