Chicks with runny smelly poo!!


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We recieved 17 day old chicks on February 27th that were fine untill yesterday. Now they have runny, mucasy poo that is really smelly. They seem to be doing well other than the poo. They are in the house, in a brooder. The temp is about 85 degrees. They haven't been exposed to anything other than the food, water and us. What could be causing this? Is there something I can give them?
Is it just the occasional poo that's like that?

All chickens do what's referred to as a caecal poo from time to time, from what I understand it's basically them clearing out their system, it's lighter than normal poo and much softer and it does stink to high heaven! If they seem otherwise fine and there's non sticking to their bum fluff I wouldn't worry too much :)
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if it's all the time:

it could be intestinal cocci.
what color are the droppings?

do you have any cocci med?

it's possible the feed got wet and under the heat light could have gone sour..
check for spilled feed.
Could they have gotten cocci before they got here?

It seems a little better today. And it is looking more normal in color. Guess I just worry too much. It's getting really hectic around here. The house is starting to look like a barn. LOL!! 3 Bunnies, 17 Chicks and 1 Baby Goat all in the house. And lets not forget the 2 black labs. I was so afraid I messed something up with everything that is going on.
I'd keep a close eye on the droppings, and if you continue to see these droppings all the time..
treat for cocci asap. check the feed getting wet under the light.

what temp is the brooder?
what is the feed you're giving?

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