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    I have some chicks, about 3 weeks old who just finished treatment for campylobacter with erythromycin. Now they have diarrhea. I did a fecal flotation and they have no coccidia but they do have an abundance of strep in their feces. I dont want to medicate with antibiotics again. Wanted to see what my BYC friends might recommend for treating this problem.
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    Treatment with antibiotics can disturb the balance of bacteria in the gut. Feeding a probiotic, or even yogurt, can help restore balance to the intestine.
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    I've given them probiotics along with l-glutamine but I was thinking that I could do more to inhibit the strep. I've never seen such long chains of cocci bacteria in their feces before.Is it safe to give chickens oregano oil if it's diluted with another oil like coconut? Does anybody know?

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