Dec 7, 2015
I bought new chicks at the beginning of November. The chicks have been inside my house with a heat lamp on. I am constantly changing water and I have to clean out the container every day. Even after cleaning my utility room smells. I am ready to move them outside but didn't know if it was to cold at night. I believe they have most of their feathers. I am keeping them separated from the adults. The chicks will have their own space in the coop with the heat lamp. The temp at night in Ks is around mid 30's to low 40"s. The heat lamp can be left on but didn't know if it would be enough as cold as it is. Can I move them out of the house?????


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Dec 11, 2009
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Even if not fully feathered, they will do just fine as long as they have a heat source should they begin to chill. They know to hunker under it.

This is the perfect age to begin introducing young chicks to the flock. If you move them in now, by the time they are five or six weeks old, you can open chick-size openings in their safe space so they can explore the rest of the coop and run. They will know to run back into their safe pen if the pecking order becomes too stressful.

This system, I like to call a "panic room", makes it super easy to integrate chicks with adults.

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