Chinchilla X California rabbit


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Jun 9, 2008
Washington State
I got a 2 y/o California buck rabbit a few months ago and yesterday I picked up a doe Chinchilla. She is a year old. I want to cross breed them and am wondering what colors I might get with this cross. My california is of course white with chocolate points and the Chinchilla is of course, gray Chinchilla colored. The babies will be either sold or eaten and pelted.
If anyone has any ideas on what the bunnies would look like let me know!
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I am hoping for seal point Chinchillas.
I dont know a thing about Chinchillas- I thought chinchillas were a different kind of animal alltogether from rabbits? You can cross rabbits with chinchillas? What do the babies look like?
chinchilla is a color that is grayish so named after the animal called a chinchilla who in the wild and in its natural color is gray. There are chinchilla rabbits, chinchilla cats, etc.


In my breeding experience the darker color will always be dominant. You can get a mix of fur type but i've never seen color mixing. It does depend on their genetics though. You dont know what their parents were unless they're purebreed. It's kind of like how you can breed a female calico cat to a male tabby stripe and get black and white tuxedo kittens, LOL.
I didn't even think about the eye color. My californian is red eyed, of course as he is pure bred. The Chichilla doe is also pure bred and papered. I forgot to her her pedigree when I got her though.
Figures! I was kind of in a hurry as my hubby called and said out 7 y/o son was sick and crying for me to come home. So I was a little distracted.

I wll get some pictures up of them and that might he;p. Yes, the doe is a CHINCHILLA RABBIT not a chinchilla. I thought that was funny.

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