Chipmunk Colored Silkie chick out of BBS PICS

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  1. Hatched this chick out last night. It's from a splash female over a blue? male. The female I hatched from Shagbark eggs last year and the male I hatched from eggs from Little Ameracuna Mom (sp?) last year.

    What's up with this color? Haven't seen this before. This is my first year breeding the BBS colors, so it's interesting to see what I get, but this is strange.


    I know i've seen pictures of chicks like this before, but can't find them now.
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  2. Looks Partridge to me. I've heard of it happening before.

  3. ChickyChickyBaby

    ChickyChickyBaby Barefoot Bantams

    Looks gold partridge to me.

    I have a two black split to lav hens, and when I use them in BBS breedings I get the silver partridge sometimes. And some of those blues that I get from the split blacks, are also giving me partridge when bred to solid blacks. So far mine have been silver partridge & not gold partridge, though.

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