Chipmunk + squrriel?

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May 9, 2021
Today, i saw a funky looking squrriel in a tree eating a nut. I got a closer look, a few feet away, and it looked like a MASSIVE chipmunk! Im thinking its a ground squirrel, but it ran up the tree. And i don’t think ground squirrels would do that?

Anyway, of course. I wasn’t able to snap a photo of it, but it looked like a grey squirrel size, with a white under body, (white belly and such) and a brown (NOT red.) coloring for the rest of the body, shorter fluff, and a dark brown stripe down its back down his tail to. I couldn’t see if there was a white stripe to, but definitely one brown. What is this?

For more info: it is day time here, im located in Connecticut, and very confused. I have never seen something like this, though it could be very common? I’ll try and get a picture if i see it again.

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