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    Apr 13, 2016
    For years we had cats, lots of cats. So, no mice, rats, chipmunks. Old age and coyotes took out the cats about five years ago. Then, I ended up with an OEG bantam rooster who hates cats. We tried a kitten and Poppy made it quite clear, not in his house!

    So, the rodent population had to be controlled with bait, traps. We live a little over a mile from county landfill, so vigilance about rats is a must. Up until this summer I would rarely see a chipmunk, but often saw a rat. Now, over last three months I have not seen any rats, not even 'field' rats. But, there must be two dozen chimpmunks on the place!

    Now I know Guinea pig will kill a rat. But, have chipmunks run all the rats off? That would be great as chimpmunks don't get in coop or bother eggs/birds. None of bait being taken either. I have it in building where only rat would access.
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    Very observant of you...most people would not even notice these details.

    I would say that something has happened to reduce or eliminate the rat population, and allowed the chipmunks to move in.

    Between the two species, the rat is going to be the more aggressive.
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