Chirping in the bator !


Sassy McSassington
12 Years
Sep 11, 2007
I've got 25 eggs in the bator due to hatch tonight. I just walked by there and heard chirping. YAY! Can't tell which egg it's coming from by bator sits right against the wall so I can't get to the back side to look in. There are Orps, Rocks and Delaware eggs in there. Looks like the hatching is beginning. Go chickies go!!!
Go chickies go!
I have some in the bator now starting to peep!
The games are great birds. They make such great broodies. My father in law has some that he uses as incubators. lol
I love this breed! They are beautiful birds. So far I just have a trio but hopefully with this hatch I will have more hens, I am wanting hens so I can have broodies too!
I wondered why you were using a bator when you had games. They're broody machines. lol
Congrats on the noisy 'bator!
Hope you have a great hatch!

Tracy, are you going to be offering any of your Del eggs for sale? I sure would like to hatch some more when my 'bator is available again.


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