Chocolate Orpington Cockerel, Black S/chocolate Orpington Cockerel and Lemon Cuckoo Orp Roo Gig Harb


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Gig Harbor, Washington
These boys were hatched July 6th, the chocolate has started to crow. These chicks were hatched here in Gig Harbor but the parents are from a NPIP Breeder in Buckley, Washington. Her birds are F2 generation, meaning they are midsized. These are the offspring of F2 birds that come from a UK Bantam Chocolate Rooster and an English large fowl hen.

Chocolate Orpington Rooster $60
Black Rooster carries the chocolate Orpington gene $20 SOLD

Also have a Lemon Cuckoo Orpington rooster hatched Feb 26th, 2012 $20 SOLD

All are used to coops at night and a pasture during the day. Eating Payback All Purpose feed, BOSS and ACV

The pictures of the chocolates are from my last hatch, but same eggs from the same birds from the same breeder. They are the same size as the picture of the 2 in the box. The black roo is one of the picture of 3, from about a month ago. I can text or e-mail newer pictures if you like.
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