Chook laid one egg, then .... nothing!

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    Hi all.
    I have a 19week old hen. I think she's a black sex-link. Anyway a couple of days after Christmas I noticed she'd laid a shell-less egg in the coop. We'd had a couple of day close to 40deg C plus the rooster was harassing her quite a bit so I wasn't too fussed as I'd read that this can happen when they're stressed.
    A few days went by then on New Years Eve she laid a solid egg (her first and I was so proud!). Well that was a week ago now and since then nothing.

    Is this normal that when they first start laying it's quite irregular? Or is she hiding them somewhere? The first one she laid in her nesting box in the coop.

    Any ideas?
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    New layers can be erratic but there's also the possibility that she's laying elsewhere, if you let your flock free range. Try checking obvious hiding spots like under bushes in her usual ranging area and you might find a nest.

    Other possibility is the eggs might've gotten eaten by a predator or even the chickens but if there's no other sign of disturbance (i.e. holes dug into the coop, egg shell debris) then that's unlikely.
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    It's likely just her body adjusting to laying. Some pullets start right off and don't skip a beat. Others lay an egg and then take a break before getting into a regular pattern. There is no need to worry at this point.

    I highly doubt it is a predator issue, as Australia doesn't have many predators.
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    It is normal for the to lay soft eggs or lay 1 egg and the another egg a couple days later but is this happens when she is a month or 2 later
    I would feed her oyster.

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