Choosing a rooster, which is best for blue

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I have this hen I want to breed, her and her daughter, I know about the blue feather chart, BUT it is the egg color I have to breed her with at this point, (I am breeding her with a tan egg gene rooster) but the blue feather will also be taken in to consideration.

Her mother and father were both blue splashes, her babies always come out blue (unlike the chart shows). I have an opportunity to get a splash rooster, or a dark rooster, both SFH. Which do you guys suggest?
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I only have 2 hens, but I need to chose a roo for her, her eggs are gray
and her daughter's are also...
Her mom's eggs were pink, and the dad had a green egg gene so I am breeding her with a pink again, the daughter was bred with a blue isbar which was green egg gene, and I am trying to keep egg color.
I got ahold of the lady who has the roosters, I get one and someone else gets the other, they both look good, I am hoping for the darker of the 2, but the lighter one has tinges of blue.

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