chorse herd


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8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
North Carolina
Since my other hen is brooding eggs right now, my hen Lettie (short for omelet) has been without a flock mate. She's a very social and outgoing so she went in search of new friends.



She's by their side all day long. When they come up from the far end of the pasture to get water or for dinner time, she is close at their heels, parting the grasses at top speed with a very accurate rendition of a velociraptor. The horses seem to like having her around, and are super careful to not step on her. It reminds me of the time one of my horses was injured and had to be on stall rest for two months. A barn cat "adopted" her and stayed by her side 24/7 except when she left to hunt. I would come to the barn late at night to find them curled up asleep together in the shavings.

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