Chronically poor egg quality from 1 hen

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    One of my red star girls (I have 2, both are 1 year old) that lays the most beautiful XL brown eggs. The other used to. Now, they're much lighter in color, smaller, have a smattering of freckles, thinner shells, and bumps on the end where you can see it where it "closed up" in the making. Instead of smooth and nice and with a solid color.

    She also has paled in the face a bit, but is acting normal. Looks like she might be going into molt? Losing some facial feathers and random feathers elsewhere, slowly. Diet is good, high quality layer crumbles, fresh greens and grass, tomatoes, all the good stuff. Oyster shell laying around free for the taking.

    I noticed some bugs on one pullet, so dusted everyone. I haven't wormed yet but plan to this next week.

    She's been laying these wonky eggs every day for about 3 weeks. I know for a fact they really are 1 year old since I bought them as pullets last year.

    She acts totally fine. But those eggs... blah. What gives? Everyone else has perfect eggs.
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