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Apr 28, 2011
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I'm sure many of you can relate to this story... When I first told my Husband I wanted chickens, he was like, "whatever you say dear." When I brought those 2 tiny little fuzz balls home he thought I was crazy for fussing over them the way I did. I spent hours just watching them those first couple days, he laughed at me, but I noticed that he also lingered longer and longer each time he looked over my shoulder to laugh at me.

About 4 days after I brought those first chicks home, he shocked my be suggesting that we pick up a few more at the feed store, in case something happened to the 2 we had. So we brought home 4 more fuzz balls.

After that, he was pretty well hooked on chickens. I couldn't keep him from giving them treats, and hugs. He named them all, and he was the one who decided that we wouldn't be eating any of them. He turned our front porch into the chicken coop.

When 2 of those 6 little fuzzy butts turned out to be roosters, something he had previously said he had no use for, he cheered them on as their hormones raged. He was the one to go out and have the "No means No" talk with them when they freaked the pullets out by trying to get busy before the girls were ready. He would catch the young roos and sit with them on his lap until the tide of hormones subsided a little. He was also there to calm the hens down when they were frightened. Pretty soon he had them all flocking to him whether he had treats or not.

When we went on vacation 800 miles away to visit my parents, there was no one available to "babysit" so we took our little flock with us...1600 miles round trip with 6 chickens in the backseat. Two of the hens even laid eggs as we were cruising down I-70 in about DRAMA!

When the roosters got a little older it became clear that the 4 hens were not going to be enough if we planned to keep both boys. So, he drove130 miles round trip to pick up 6 laying hens to expand the harem.

When one of the roosters lost the sight in one of his eyes due to an unknown incident/illness, I was ready to cull, but he drove 100 miles round trip and spent $100 on a vet visit. Unfortunately there wasn't much they could do, so what did my hubby decide to do? We bought a chicken diaper and now we have an indoor rooster.

Bus, the blind indoor rooster:

He adores all our birds, but he has a special relationship with Chubby, aka Chubby Dubby, our Alpha-Roo. Chubby and my Hubby both have the need to maintain a macho manly facade. Chubby loves hugs, but he has to sneak up on you to get them. He does what we refer to as the "Don't mind me, I'm just looking for a treat" dance, sidestepping and sidling up beside my husband. Then he will peck his hand or arm (or my favorite, untie my hubby's shoe) until my husband puts his arm around him.

Handsome devil isn't he?
Sounds like your husband has gone over to the dark side and can't be helped. lol I gotta know - What did your family think when your visit included the flock of birds?
Sounds like your husband has gone over to the dark side and can't be helped. lol I gotta know - What did your family think when your visit included the flock of birds?
Well, since I refuse to give my mother any real grandchildren, she welcomed her "grandchickens" with open arms...she beefed up security in her dog run and turned it into a chicken run for the week.

She also sent me this book about a week after we left:

Carla's Robin's Famous Traveling Feather & Fur Show
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