Chukar eggs and a few questions....


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Jul 30, 2011
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Can anyone recommend an egg seller that is reputable? I am foregoing trying to find chukar chicks anywhere cuz You have to order 50 and all I wanted was a few buddies for my lonesome lil chuk? I am looking for maybe like 12 cuz lets hope at least 5 would hatch? I know they would be behind him/her for a bit but gotta do something. I am getting ready to build my coop in a few days! Does anyone know if I could let chukars run around during the day but get them in the coop at night? Also is there anyone out there that could tell me if my chick was a male/female already I know kinda young but you never know lol? Thanks for all your help everyone!
I believe that should be
If you ever make it out to Vegas, I have a few young chukars. I know it's a way from No. Cali. I think have 1 male and 2 females. There about 4 weeks old. Might be a bit old for your lil chick.
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