chukar partridge not common as pets?


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Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop
does anyone know why they arent kept much as pets they are so beautiful? they are not even used as display birds? why

also why is there no info on their temperment and what they can mis with?
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Most likely because they are wild birds, and as such are flighty and not as "personable" as perhaps the Coturnix quail. I raise them, and they are flighty like pheasants and bobwhites. I have them in a pen with pheasants and turkeys, and they do quite well together. They're just not really "pet" material.
I agree, they are beautiful birds, however, and I love listening to their bubbly sounds in the brooder.
I have a pet chukar! He's actually quite friendly.
Here's a little thread of information about him:

really enjoy my little guy, he behaves more or less like a chicken and lives with the chickens. He makes great noises, he's beautiful, and he allows me to handle him and walks right nearby me when I'm in the coop. I don't know if he's a typical case, but it is possible that when they're raised with frequent handling some would make decent pets, as he is fairly tame. As opposed to ring-necked pheasants, my pheasants never tamed down and I eventually released them.
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