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    Feb 28, 2014
    first off do you have to have a liscence for chukar im in central Texas and just acquired 5
    What are chukar good for ?
    Do you need a big pen ie flight pen?
    Do they like to roost off ground or in a bush or something?
    Do they get along with other birds, if i gotta build a pen might as well go big with more and differents birds like dove quail etc
    Do the hens incubate there eggs?
    What do they eat besides bag feed any fruits insects, how much waters needed ?
    How much room per bird im looking at building a 20 foot long 10 wide 10 tall pen seem alright for 5?
    These birds seem like a great addition very talkative and curious also group orientated not as wild as everyone says .
    Any help is appreciated and any additional information to
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