Circling and twisting of the head and neck

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    I have an Easter Egger that stopped eating and drinking. She just walks around and ever so often she will stop and circle and bob her head up and down and puffs up. She will act like she wants to eat but lifts her head back up before she does. This has been going on all week. I have checked he crop every day. It hasn't felt to full or hard, but today there not much there. What could be going on with her? Very worried and would appreciate any help.
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    It sounds like sour crop, and you probably aren't going to be able to get a more definitive diagnosis here. What I would do in your place is to go ahead and treat her with Monistat, a medication for women's vaginal yeast infections, cheaply obtained over the counter in the pharmacy department.

    it has both a tube of cream and bullet suppositories. Break or cut them into quarter inch pieces or squeeze out a quarter inch of cream and place it in her mouth. To do this gently pull down on the wattles under her beak and she'll open her mouth. Do this twice a day for about five to seven days or until she starts eating and pooping normally.

    If she hasn't got a sour crop, this treatment won't help, but it's not going to hurt her, either.
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