Ckn passed something strange

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  1. jennymay

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Last week we noticed our Plymoth Rock chicken started acting listless. Her comb fell over and she has lost quite a few feathers. Also, there was a strange organ-like, chestnut shaped something in the coop with her feathers sticking out of it that I believe she passed. She is still not acting normal. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Ahh, and just now my husband came in and told me she is dead. What was this?????
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    So sorry for your loss. I dont know what it could possibly be, but if you were able to post a photo...someone might know.
  3. Bleenie

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    How old was she? I forgot what it's called but i have heard of older layers passing these weird fleshy-colored things when they're at the end of their laying, or close anyway. it sometimes happens in very young hens too... i will try to find it, it was pretty icky though!

    Okay i found my old post about it.. it's called "Lash"
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    My chickens have passed things like that frequently. I think of it as an egg "gone wrong" somehow and put it in the category of shellless eggs and so on. It's not usually fatal but I can see that it might be an indicator of reproductive trouble.

    I'm sorry for your loss!

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