Cknmom's Carrot Cake

As I made this cake very early this morning. It was cooled and I was mixing the icing when my 2 yr woke and came to the kitchen. I handed him a crumble from the cake and started begging, "Bite. Please. Please. Now please." I gave in and gave him a spoon with a dab of icing on it - yes, before breakfast. I turned my back to get a paper towle and his had his spon dug into my cake. He looks at me and says, "Bite, please?"

This is a good cake. It has my 2 year old sons spoon marks of approval.
I am baking this cake today as mini loaves if anyone is looking for a fabulous recipe and a way to get carrots into your family diet.

This one is fabulous!
Thank you to both Monica and Miss Prissy. I love Carrot cake. This morning after a huge country breakfast I started baking. I am in the middle of cookies and bread, but now I have to add this to my list. Looks and sounds so yummy. It also coms with the 2 year old's stamp of approval.

Thanks again.

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