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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by max13077, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I'm getting some new chicks in a couple months and I want to be ready for them. I'm moving the 3 hens I have left into a new house I will be building them around the middle of March. They(and a bunch more birds) have lived in the old coop where I plan to put the chicks since last May.

    I know you're not suppose to have chicks and adults near each other. That said, I want to clean the coop out really well before the chicks get here. Other than sweeping and vacuuming all the shavings and dust out, what else should I do? Is there any way to sanitize the walls, floor, etc?
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    You should use a solution of bleach and water to wash out the coop.
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    Yes definantly wash it with bleach and water and let it it dry for several days prior to bringing the new chicks home. If you have a permanent run you may want to put some lime in it while the area is vacant. Lime seems to help freshen up the soil in the run.
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    I use white vinegar in a waterer attched to the hose
    I read its a better germ killer then bleach and safer. Ieven kill my unwanted weeds with it.

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