Cleaned broody nest-holy stink!!


7 Years
Feb 15, 2012
So, I couldn't take it anymore. I was forced to get that mamma out of the nest and give her a brand new one! She was pretty ripe! Well, I know (from all of you) how much a broody poop smells, but never experienced it first hand. I made her get out of the nest and low and behold, she pooped everywhere! I nearly passed out it stunk sooo bad!!!!!
I feel awful because I never really forced her off her nest until today. She's not eating like she should. She loved it! Stretched her wings and just ran around the coop for about 10 min. When my back was turned she settled on her new nest. She's such a great mamma!!
One big mistake many make is they provide food and water where the hen can reach them from the nest. Bad idea! She has no reason to leave the nest and most will defecate in the nest spoiling the eggs.
I have to say, my broodies have been pretty good so far. My first broody, I was able to put in a separate small coop and run, and left the food and water where she had to get off the nest to get to them. Several times during the 3 weeks I saw her off the next, wandering around the little 6x4 run but as soon as she spotted me, she hightailed it back onto her nest. My current broody is pretty low in the pecking order and picked a nesting spot that is virtually inaccessible. So inaccessible that only she and one other hen ever even laid in it. That other hen still gets up there daily to lay her egg, forcing the broody off the nest. She seems to enjoy a good amount of time off the nest; perhaps she can relax knowing the eggs are being kept warm by the hen laying her egg? She is able to get a good long drink, something to eat, poop a half dozen times (decreasing quantities each time) and even get in a dust bath before it is time to resume broody duties. To date I haven't had any poop in the nest. My current set up is not ideal - but my broody coop is currently occupied by some chicks I'm growing out so I was out of options.
Will my eggs be ok? I candled them at 10 days and they seemed to be developing. We are at 14 now and I'm just hoping they survive!
On broodies, I don't worry too much - just let them do their thing. I don't even candle (even though I do when incubating) because I don't want to disturb the hen by removing her eggs. So in the end it is a surprise when hatch day comes to see how many hatch. Eggs can withstand a lot so I wouldn't worry about it. You'll know in a few days anyway....
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