Cleaned the Chicken Pen Today!


9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
SE OK ~ Farris/Antlers
We cleaned the chicken pen today. The first time ever. We have 10 boxes and 6 hens. Our box isn't very big but it took quite a while... what a job! We filled a 50 lb horse feed sack full of chicken manure. We took it and put it all round our tomatoes, A&M jalepeno's, green beans and all of our front yard flowers...

Anyway....So, how often should a chicken pen be cleaned out?

We put fresh hay in the boxes and almost before we could get the last board nailed in Hatty was in the box laying an egg!
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I have sand in our runs, and I take a reptile litter scoop taped to a long handle and go around tidying up every night for a couple of minutes. I'd rather do this than have a big nasty job once or twice a year.
You may have your ducks in a row and know exactly what you're doing, but if you don't, use extreme caution putting fresh poo on your vegie plants and other plants and flowers. There is sooo much nitrogen in it, and it can burn your plants.
It is the best fertelizer ever, but it's best to till it in to your garden in the late winter, early spring, before planting.

Congrats on cleaning your coop. Mine could probably use it too!
Well I am a noob here and to chickens in general but it all depends on what you use and what method plus size of coop and number of chickens. If you use the deep litter method you can get by with only cleaning once or twice a year. Sounds like some people do weekly or monthly. I like the sand idea listed above though. I think the more chickens in a smaller space, the more often you'll have to clean. Good ventilation could help with the smell too.

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