Cleaning out broken eggs

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by gavada, Apr 21, 2012.

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    We have both our tom and our hen sitting on eggs in our coop. Today the tom came running from the coop with an egg in his mouth (already broken). He took it pretty far from the coop and then tried to eat it before I could get it from him. As soon as I got back to the coop the hen came bolting from the coop also with a broken egg in her mouth. She took it on the other side of the yard and just left it there and then immediately returned to the nest. Do turkeys normally clear out broken eggs like this? Do I need to worry about the tom breaking more and possibly eating them since he scarfed down the one he removed? I've since moved all of the eggs back to one pile for the hen to sit on, but she didn't give me enough time to remove the messy straw before coming back and kicking me out of the area. I can clean that up the next time she comes off. Because I moved the eggs into one pile they're not sitting in the muck any more.
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