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We have a galvanized tub set up and my husband put the pine shavings quite a few inches deep. Today they are 1 week old and so far so good... their little wings are feathered out almost all the way and are starting to get tail feathers.

So far (since they are only 1 week today) instead of taking out all the pine shavings when I clean I just take off whatever I found was poopy or wet. Then replace with clean on the top. Should I be removing all the shavings every time? Or can I get by with removing all the shavings just once a week? I do make sure that whatever I remove I get all the wet.

This warm spurt of weather in maryland is messing with my brooder temps. We have a 250W heat bulb and I asked that my hubby pick up a 100W red bulb on the way home tonight. I've been keeping it at 90-95ish but want to do a 5 degree drop as of today. We currently can get away with no heat on in the house and I don't want to have to turn on the AC. So I've unplugged the lamp and so far we are ok on temps today. I figure somewhere between 85-90 I'll be ok. We have dogs in the house so unfortunately I can't keep the door open to the room I have the brooder in. Otherwise it wouldn't be so hot back there. I also think we are due to get a little cooler this week but still 250W bulb will be overkill for us.
I did what your doing for the first week, but after that it became to much of a chore.
Now I do this
A layer of news paper in the bottom,
then a very thin layer of wood shavings.
The next day I take a garden hand rake and stir the shavings around ad add another very thin layer of shavings on top of what is already there.
I then change out the shavings 1x a week. I have the waterer on a tray so the shavings don't get wet. And stiring the shavings every day keeps it nice and dry and fluffed up.

As far as the heat temps I'm very laid back in that area. I just watch the chicks periodicly to see what they are doing. They will be running around or just chilling kind of spread out or in groups of 1-2 when they are comfortable.
Hot and they will be laying spread out and they will be streatchedo out trying to cool off. If they are cold then they will be in 1 big ball.
I figred they are pretty hardy and will know when it is to hot or cold for them.
I agree for the temps, just pay attention to their behavior.

As for the shavings, what you are doing is fine . As long as you are keeping the shavings dry. It sure makes it easier when you can switch from paper towels to shavings.

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