cleaning the barn coop suggestions

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11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
st.john's mi
My barn coop is big 30ft.x13ft with roosts,cement floor and 20 nest boxes.Wondering if any suggestions on cleaning it out?Had a respiratory issue so the coop is vacant until spring but wondering how can I rinse it out after I scrub it with bleach solution it has a 1ft.wood lip around the base of the coop so no where to just spray it and let the water drain out.Trying to wrap my mind around this huge task maybe power spray it and let it all evaporate?anything I can sprinkle in there like lime the floor is cement ,the roosts on nest boxes are wood>I read that respiratory only lives 3d outside the host so am I safe if it sits for 2m has sat for 1m now

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