Clever chookies (and naughty cat)!


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
My girls were kicking up a ruckus this afternoon so I went out to investigate and found a butcherbird flying inside their run in a panic trying to find a way out. The girls all huddled in one corner while I rescued the poor bird, found the hole it got in through, went and got my tools and some wire and patched it all up again.

As soon as I left the run however, the ruckus started up again, and since I knew there were no more predators in the run I was a bit confused, thinking maybe the bird came in just after they laid an egg or something and this was a delayed egg song. I have the run one last look over before heading back to the house, because the girls were being way more vocal than usual, and I found my CAT!!!

He was hiding in the small gap behind the coop, where he'd obviously run for cover after following the bird in through the hole in the fence and coming face to face with three angry chickens.

I think I can stop worrying that my cat will attack the chooks now - they seemed to have him pretty cowed. LOL
The best way to train a cat how to behave around chicks is to let it hang around a game hen with young chicks under her!

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