clicker trained cats


12 Years
Jul 1, 2007
IL side of the QCA
Yup that's right clicker trained cats!!

My muncher will sit on command now, mini is learning and beep beep well i havn't started with him yet. The 12 barn cats i think i'll leave alone.

So my question is.... what to teach them next? Im thinking maybe lie down roll over shake the basic dog tricks. What you guys think?

Oh and if you would like to know how its done just ask;)
Train them to potty on comand! as weird as it sounds I have trained mine to do this and now I am working on the kitten!

Also teach them to come on comand, this is a Valuable trick for when there is trouble. I have taught mine to come, and on the most part they are very good about it.
Come/here is a wonderful little command... they jump on the stove... "here" and they are off and at your feet. Shredding the curtains? "here" Screaming in the tub? (I have 2 that do this) "here" Suddenly get the feeling that they are up to some evil feline plot? "here"

Mine know 'sit up' (beg), no, off, leave it, don't even, here, go lay down but we didn't use clicker training or treats except for the 'sit up' command. I have one that even knows the hand signals I use for our mostly deaf dane mix so if he's the only one being a butt I call his name and issue the hand commands.
Fun! Once we have two bathrooms id like to teach them to use the people potty. I really don't want to have to share my bathroom with a cat at the moment now though. Im going to teach them the baisc commands all my dogs must know. They know the counters and tables are off limits as well. I bought the clicker to use on one of the dogs but don't need it with her anymore.
To teach them next...

How about, "chicken is not catfood!" :0)

I'm being noughty! Actually I am very impressed that cats can be clicker trained. Our cat makes us jump to HIS commands.

I teach mine using a squirt bottle, for things like NO, Down, Stop and laydown. Also to stay off the computer keyboard, not to chew on the corners of the lid. We still are working with the TP Roll. LOL! I have 2 dogs that set, lay down and catch treats. Archie learned from them. He sets right beside the dogs and is quicker to do the comand than the dogs. Archie loves to eat, so I do think that made a big difference. He is still a kitten, so he has some growing and learning to do. Over all the squirt bottle works, for dogs and cats. I forgot to add I also am using the bottle on my chickens. They like to come up on the patio, on the furniture and in the screen house. Leaving a trail behind them. Now I use the squirt bottle on them and they get back into the yard. They are so funny!


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