Clipped wings and fence height?


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Feb 28, 2010
Hi, I'm a new member. I just posted my introduction in the new member area, and am SO glad to have somewhere like this to ask my questions.

I am checking into the logistics of getting chickens. I'd love to free-range them sometimes in my yard, but I am unsure about them staying inside the fence. The fence is 3 1/2 feet high. If I clipped their wings, is that high enough that they'd stay in the yard?

They'd have a proper pen for everyday use, I'm just talking about being free in the yard for a few hours on weekends when I can supervise to keep predators away.

Thoughts? Will I need a taller fence before I could do that?

Heavier breeds don't fly out as much as the light breeds do.

My fences are 5ft tall and my Leghorns' wings are clipped, but they occasionally make an escape.
My heavier (dual purpose) breeds almost never fly out.
I have 5 foot for my Delaware's and they are always flying out of the fenced run into the fenced yard, but have never gotten out of the fenced yard. I would clip the wings if it becomes and issue.
We have Brown SL Chickens whose wings we clip. A large portion of our fence is only 3 feet. Touch wood they have not escaped from our garden whilst free ranging (Which they are doin g now whilst unsupervised)

As stated i think it matters a lot on the size of th birds.
The fence around my chicken pen is 7' and only occasionally have any of my chickens managed to get over it even without clipped wings. They're big chickens and only go over if something really scares them, like when the Akita from across the street tried to dig under the back, I had to chase down 2 hysterical hens that day. Usually if they do accidentally get over ("who, me? I wasn't trying to escape") they pace back and forth in front of the gate until they get let back in.
i have 6 rsl iwas in the same position as u but just decided to try .over a week now they all stay in the garden dont know about the fence height but watch for preds coming in to ur garden 31/2 wont stop dogs if they see ur girls
I have ISA brown hens, each with a clipped wing, and 5 foot fences. They couldn't possibly get the lift to fly onto or over the fences. That's not to say lighter breeds couldn't manage it.
I have a fence that is about 7' tall and my birds,which are heavier breeds, don't fly over (not saying they could't if they wanted). I have more of a problem with them trying to dig and crawl under in places whare the fence dosn't fit firmly on the ground.
I was wondering about this too.
Does anyone know if Golden Comets
w/ clip.wings can get to the top of 6' wood fence?
I have Rhoder Island Reds and ISA Browns. My fences are 6 ft high and rarely do they fly out. Sometimes they go under the fence if they find a likely spot. I don't have any wire buried but do have electric wire around the bottom starting at 4" off the ground. Sometimes a bird if they find a place they can dig, will dig under their fence. I have't clipped their wings but if you do clip just one wing of each bird to keep them off balance if they try to fly over. A friend clipped his birds wings and they still managed now and then to go over a 4' fence.
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