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    Jul 19, 2010
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    I have 2 hatchery-raised birds (bought them around 9/10 months old). Since they never had access to hard ground, the claws on their toes are really thick, long & deformed. Any suggestions on clipping their claws? I've got dog toe-nail clippers, would they work? These girls don't like to be held, so what would be the best way to hold them & clip? I thought that if I let them roam loose, they'd eventually work down to normal, but that hasn't worked.

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    I use a dremel tool, using the cutting blade for grinding through metal. If you wrap them in a towel or such, they are usually calm and easy to handle. I just wrap the wings. Some people also cover the eyes but I have not found that to be necessary.

    As long as you do not get into the quick, it is just like trimminmg your fingernails. They don't really feel a thing.

    I have not used the dog clippers, but I would think they would work. I don't think they would split or crack the claws, but I have not done it.

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