clipping wings, when can i?


10 Years
May 9, 2009
Whats the age when I can start clipping wings, they are flying out as soon as I open the lid and if they manage to get over the fence-they'll be free dog food for the neighbors...both sides of my fence, each one having three dogs each. Mine are five and six weeks. Also, will they be able to clear a five to six foot fence, our angles up because of hill and it is only about five at top of hill. When my parrot would get his wings clipped he could only fly maybe a foot or two up, not much. I know chickens are parrots but just wondering who has clipped wings and seen how high they go. thank you!
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You can clip the flight feathers as soon as all the feathers on the wings are fully filled in and grown. but i'd be careful of clipping them unless you REALLY have to. because then they cant fly at all to get away from danger. I have a pretty short fence in my yard..only 4 ft high..and they dont fly over it...
they can fly over it...but havent so far..

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