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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by jsoaper, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Nov 19, 2013
    Hey guys!
    I have always come to this blog for answers on general questions, and this is my first time posting on it. I have an issue that I thought was clear, cut and dry; but I have discovered was not so clear. We have a mixed flock of 6 Road Island Reds and 6 Easter Eggers. All the birds are great and have been great producers thus far, but it seems that Easter Eggers are astute fliers. My wife told me that we needed to clip their wings, so my oldest son went out and did so. The problem is, we clipped both wings and they are still flying. Now I cut the main flight feathers on both sides a third of the way off, so there are still some of the feathers on there as I was not comfortable taking the whole feather down. The problem is, they can still fly! I would appreciate any advice on how to prevent them from flying as we do have a very active coyote and fox population around our area and have lost several birds to them before. Can I clip one wing shorter than the other to give them that unbalance or do we wait until the molt and then clip them properly? Any help is appreciated!
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    I only clip one wing when I clip mine. Throws them way off! They can still flutter when you clip both. You should be fine taking the feathers down as far as you need, as long as you don't cut too close to their skin or quick. Keep in mind that they'll still be able to fly a few feet if they're determined to. The only sure fire way to prevent them from leaving their run is to cover it. Good luck! [​IMG]

    Here are some helpful pictures:


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    I am no expert on easter eggers, but I also clip my flock.s wing feathers, especially if I home them, or dont want them to fly,I do it close to the wing, on both sides,far enough not to cause bleeding, but close enough that it almost looks as if dont have wings, and remarkably I found that even after the feathers grew back, they still don;t fly

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