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  1. SugarPlum

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    Aug 28, 2014
    near Appleton, WI USA
    Barbara (named after I Dream of Jeanie's Barbara Eden) is 1-1/2 years old, Rhode Island Red, is at the end of the pecking order, but spunky as they come. Started sneezing and then I noticed she is having a difficult time breathing. The other hens were pecking her hard.

    My neighbor Jack (we own the chickens together on his property) flushed water down her throat 3 times and held her upside down to let the water drain. Nothing came out. Her crop is mushy feeling, and we don't feel any obstruction.
    She looks like she will suffocate. I held her for 20-30 minutes she seemed to get worse.

    I read several posts here before posting. Here's what I think I learned.

    1. Gapeworm - red or worms under tongue, someone said kinda of rare. Give Rx, Fenbendazole. They fail to eat, cough, stretch neck, eyes closed.
    2. Sour Crop - ball in throat (due to canker?), something is stuck in there. Give ACV, mineral oil & turn upside down & massage crop, baby applesauce, mineral oil, aloe vera juice. Ball in throat or crop area.

    Here's what I will try next/again. Then I'll come back to see if anyone has more expertise:)
    a. check crop, massage it.
    b. give her some ACV.

    I'll wait on the olive oil and turning her upside down. The 3 times with water really seemed to stress her.
    I don't want her to suffer anymore.
    With love & respect,
  2. SugarPlum

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    Aug 28, 2014
    near Appleton, WI USA
    I guess I didn't post this correctly............... usually I see help within an hour.
    I gave her some ACV and a little water and massaged her crop for 15 minutes, it didn't seem to help.
    Jack culled Barbara later that day. I have a hard time with that decision, I know he did too, he hugged me afterwards. Then he said let's go have a drink, Linda already has them made up for us.
    "I remembered the fox. One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets himself be tamed....." -The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

    Barbara was turning a little blue in her comb. Each breath she stretched her neck, laid it on my arm as I held her & she closed her eyes and gasped for air. All that I can think is that she had something lodged in her throat somewhere and we couldn't get it out. I felt so helpless. Why couldn't I figure this out?.....
    She always came bounding out of the coop when I dumped the poop in the pile, trying to be the first to find that one piece of corn. Her little tail feathers shaking back & forth and her feet flipping back up in the air. I remembered I thought she may have been the one that cracked the egg shell frequently, but I didn't tell Jack it was her. I remembered she was the last on the roost, honking trying to find the right spot to jump up. Taking a long time to make that jump. She definitely had a personality worthy of sharing.
    Who knew after a little over a year of chickens I would fall in love with these quirky birds. What a difference they have made in my life, they are so fun to watch and the BEST EGGS EVER. I have a hard time eating chicken anywhere unless it's organic as I see first hand how important it is for them to have sunshine, room to move around, bugs to eat, grasses, and to interact with each other. I know this to be true of all animals. They need to be raised humanely. We have a choice every day.
    Thanks Barbara, I Dream of Jeanie for the experience, it was great!
  3. SugarPlum

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    Aug 28, 2014
    near Appleton, WI USA
    This thread can be closed.
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    Oct 14, 2014
    Richmond, Va
    I'm so sorry for you loss. I haven't experienced that yet, but I can imagine how it must feel. Sounds like you fell in love with your girls and they turned out to be very therapeutic for you. As is my case. There are days when I wouldn't have left my front porch, if it weren't for my chickens. Once I'm with them or cooking up something for them, all my worries just seem to go away. I sit with them everyday several times a day. Might sound crazy to some, but to me, it's my "medication."

    Again, I am sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
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  5. Free Feather

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    So sorry for her death. I hope I never have to go through that,and I hope you never have to deal with it again. It would be disastrous if that was contagious.
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  6. mg15

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    Aug 22, 2012
    So sorry for this loss you have had. It is so difficult to part
    with our feathery friends.
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