Cloudy & Barely set at all "jelly"?....Made with powdered pectin


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
I've got a question for all you experienced "Expert" Canners... I made Jelly today & used the powdered pectin from Ball in the recipe as it called for powdered pectin. But even tho it's been a little less than 3hrs since I waterbathed them shouldn't it be pretty 'set up' by now? It's nearly clear jelly & I have some cloudiness in the middle of the jars that seems to be 'setting' but that's it.? I read on the Ball info that came inside the powder package & it mentioned it can take up to 2wks to fully set, is that true? I'm just worried that it slowly built to a boil that I may've messed it up.? (notorious for heating too quick & screwing the taste of things
) I tried to heat evenly & followed the recipe to the T. Is it possible that slower heating up to a boil could've messed up the pectin? Thanks in Advance from a Worried Canning Newbie
I had to dust those brain cells off, but I'm pretty sure there is a pectin that takes forever to set. If you followed the recipe to the T and the instructions say it takes two weeks, I bet you can bank on it turning out all right
I had the same thing happen a few years ago with some crabapple jelly I made. As it sat, it did SET, and got much more clear. It didn't get super sparkling clear because I was in a hurry for the juice to drain and kept squeezing the fruit bag
I got lots of compliments on it, cloudy or not. It tasted GREAT!
Thanks so MUCH.
I didn't have it warm to a heat over the whole day or anything.
I was just worried that Pectin may somehow "lessen" the longer it was heating.? So it made me wonder if I'd sort of 'reduced my pectin' from it being on the heat too much. The recipe didn't say to use a specific Brand of Pectin at all. & it's called "Jelly" & said no info on the time frame it takes to set up or what consistancy their idea of -Jelly- was.

But the Pectin info packet that came in the box said of how it -can- take up to 2wks to set up & if not set how you can open the jars & recan to get the right thickness consistancy. The recipe called for powdered, so that's what I used. I don't really care about the cloudiness, but it seems that cloudy part is the only part that's 'setting'. The little amount I put in the frig tastes Great, but to give anyone I'd want it set correctly & not looking like it has a storm cloud in the middle of the jar. lol.
Waiting stinks. 2wks will seem like forever.

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