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    We know it's time to worm our birds for the first time. I'm reading so much and now I'm confused. We don't know which product to use....something that goes in the water or something we put on their necks?
    We have read about throwing away eggs for 14 days after. Is that true?! I hope not.

    Help....i dont know what to use and i would hate to waste eggs.
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    This post probably has the latest and greatest info on worming from the post by dawg53, he has a lot of expertise on worming products.

    The egg discard period is for safety of the egg eaters... you wouldn't want to purchase a product in the store that had something unknown in it.... ;O) I have heard that some folks will eat the eggs after use by some wormers...but certainly not sell them. A vet told me that the discard period is incase a human consuming the egg would have an alergic reaction to the active ingredient in the wormer product.

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