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I have a question about the rooster. I have read all sorts of Roo stories. But I am dealing with one that I can't recall reading about. He is 8 months old, and has begun growing spurs. He has rooster feathers and a rooster's general overall appearance.
The rooster is living with a dozen hens. He doesn't crow, and he doesnt "bother" with the hens.
Passive is an over-statement!

Is this as weird as it seems??

My friend and I split an order from Mc Murray's. All healthy and teriffic. We didn't order any Roos , but we each got one as the luck of the draw when we split the order in two. The rooster in the other flock (Americauna) has been aggressive, is driving the girls nuts
and crows... day.. night..anytime. He surely has a Rooster attitude! But this other guy...????
Comments please....


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Are they all the same breed?
Some roosters are just more passive and some are late bloomers.
One day he'll wake up and realize he's a rooster and then it's Katie bar the door.


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Way Too Funny!!!

Way ahead of you on the rainbow idea

And I will tell my friend to give the "girls" Katie's number for back up!

The 30 chick we ordered were; 25 brown egg layer mix,( we got buff orps, barr rX's, cochins with the feathers legs,cornish, Australorps, New HAmp red, and a few we can't begin to guess at. 2 WC Blk polish, and they threw in 3 "free" surprises. 2 were probably roos! The Roos are not alike at all in size or color. The Americauna is BIG, mostly white with brown streaks, green Tail and has the muff/ beard. The other is brown , smaller , irridecent green tail..kind of Plain looking, where as the Americauna is flashy.



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some roos just take awhile.. especially if he started out low in the pecking order early on.

My 19 week old Blue Ameraucana hasn't started to crow, but I've seen him try to do the dance with a couple of younger pullets. He runs away from the almost year old hens still.

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Heck. I have a full grown polish golden laced big boy and he got his butt knocked down pretty hard in the pecking order.

Now, he has found his spurs and so have the other roos and he is now the king in the yard.

Really it all depends on when a roo finds their way. Even hens will knock a roo down the ladder.

Give him some time, he might just turn out to be a bruiser.

There is only one breed that I have ever had that grows right into being rooish and that is the Road Island Red. These guys are practically rapist.

I will say this again. I am taking request for my RIR rooster. He is just growing his tail feathers and he has a rose comb. Pretty boy, but he is just toooo aggressive and I want him gone before he gets hurt by the other roos. i have a few that will in time hurt him.

My roos that I have are:

A wild red jungle fowl
A leghorn
A BIG cochin
A OEG crele duck wing (big boy)
A few N jersey giants, one is docile
A few White Plymouth Rocks (big boys)
A few Polish, these guys are cool
A lot of medium sized roos (about 6), they know their place and
they are pretty boys
A lot of bantam roos. They tend to pair up with bantam hens. These guys are really gorgeous.

So I have about 12 active large roos including the RIR. They all get along, except the RIR. He tends to try for the other roos hens and
some day he is going to get his clock cleaned.


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Jul 20, 2008
long island Ny
My first experience with roos was 5 years ago when my brother showed up at my door with a box,a heat light, a long red plastic "thing" with holes in it and a bag full of grainy lookin stuff.
He said "here you always wanted chickens, and when I was upstate I stopped at the Tractor Supply"...the rest is history,I am addicted. Anyways... In that box were 6 chicks- who grew to be 2 great RIR hens and 4 horrible RIR roos. The Americauna I refer to in these posts remind me of the rapist roos from those 4.
Anyone know of a way to chill him out a bit? If the neighbors don't complain about the crowing this summer I might like to keep him. He is So pretty. But he is just SO aggressive on the hens. One hen in particular even tried to defend him when I grabbed him one day and pinned his face to the ground like he does to the girls! She was very upset. Pecked at me and squalked like crazy.She is the one who he has worn the feathers off of on her wings.I think she is a New Hamshire Red. I thought eek..."stockholm syndrome"!

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