Clutch is long?


9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Ocala, Florida
Our last babies came all within a couple of hours, but these 14 are different. How long should it take from the first to last to hatch and when should I discard unhatched eggs?
2 chicks hatched 2/3 hours ago, they are drying out well I have another 6 eggs that have no real signs of movement. 3 of them have the odd chip mark like their trying to hatch and I can hear peeping from 1 at least. This is my second batch in the incubator, I will wait 48/72 hours before I start to think about discarding them. My 18 eggs were set 24 hours apart so I expect a delay on the hatch. Sadly 10 of the 18 were completely clear after candling at 14 days.

My incubator instructions say that if I open it at this stage it will take up to 6 hours for the humidity to build up again. So don't open at all. Now these 2 first chicks have hatched I will leave them in the incubator for at least 24/48 hours to dry and become steady on their feet and remove to brooder (very quickly) so as not to harm any others still hatching. If you can wait and not open the incubator that's the best way. I feel if they are totally dry and standing for a good while they will need food and water for them to flourish but not at the expense of the others. I So its a bit of a judgement call!!

Good Luck - Love to hear how you get on.

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