CM Game Bird Farm and Hatchery or Lake Cumberland Game Birds


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Have you roder from any of this hatcheries?

Do you recomend ?

I am thinking getting White coturnix and jumbos

Any tips or ideas are welcome

thanks all
I had a very bad experience with Lake Cumberland. I have never dealt with the other folks before, so I can't speak for them. Lake Cumberland WILL NOT answer the phone or return a call if you leave a message. It took them about a month to ship, there was no notification that the order shipped. The weather was great when I ordered, but they waited to ship my eggs in the middle of a major snowstorm.... my eggs got delayed twice as a result and were in rough shape when they arrived. I am hoping to salvage the hatch. I tried several times to get hold of someone to please hold my order once I knew the snowstorm was coming, but their lack of communication sucks and probably cost me alot of birds.......

On the upside, I have heard that they have great parent stock.......

I liked Cumberland ok, but they don't tell you when they will ship, they just let you guess. And apparently customer service is bad, but I wouldn't know.

And those presales will be turning to real auctions soon!

(Thanks 'kid'!)
Been a while and hate to say it, but my experience with lake cumberland was unsatisfactory... no communication and poor hatch on the eggs sent...
I called LAkecumberland this morning

They use UPS to ship eggs


I am located in South california it may take up to 7 days they will charge 22 dls shipping for 100 eggs if I want faster service 3 days shipping will be more

I asked them if they can use USPS Priority mail

They just said UPS

They have good advertising

CM Game Bird Farm and Hatchery
said they can ship in 3 days Final cost is 2 dollars more than Lakecumberland
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I ordered from Lake Cumberland and not one egg hatched. All eggs were clear when I candled them. Tried to call to ask questions about what might have went wrong and get some help with another order but no one would reply even though I stated in my message that I understood the hatch was not guranteed.

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