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    ok so i have a weird scenario and would like some second opinions, my horses were having diarrhea so i had a fecal sample done and the vet and the results that were sent back said that they had gotten cocci from my chickens they do share an area so i didn't think anything of it but as i started researching i found that normally chickens die within a week from getting coccidia without treatment i found out 1 week ago and haven't started treatment i haven't had a death in the flock in at least 8 months and none of my ducks or chickens have shown any symptoms besides i saw what looked like a little orange red color tinting their droppings but thats it there all acting perfectly normal. I don't want to treat if thats not what it is but at the same time thats what the fecal test results came with that? any ideas ?

    P.S. i recently added a pony to my farm last February and he came from a farm with chickens, goats, sheep, other animals and he had diarrhea for about 2 weeks but i figured it was just nerves so I'm wondering if he brought ti with him?

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    Your vet is mistaken. Horses, dogs, cats, goats, and chicken all get coccidia in their guts, but their are different kinds that affect each species. You can get some fresh droppings of your chickens checked for cocci, to see if they have any cocci specific to their breed. All chickens have some cocci, but the amount seen on a fecal float will be important. If none of your chickens are acting sick or puffed up, they are probably fine.

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