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Feb 9, 2017
Last week I dealt with the respiratory illness hitting my flock. I had 5 out of 13 to never show symptoms and the rest were taken care of. Currently I have a 5 months old roo that was one of the ones to get sick that is showing symptoms of cocci. There is no bloody poo but he is acting like my other birds did when they were dealing with cocci. His crop is slow/impacted, he has diarrhea, he sits alone or is slower than usual, and he's not as active. He still eats and drinks, goes to forage with his flock but his behavior is off. My gut feeling is cocci so I began corid treatment today. Could this be something other than that? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Could the illness he went thru last week be the cause of this outbreak? No other birds are acting this way all recovered and are well.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
They can be lethargic and slow during a respiratory infection. Are the crops just puffy and slow to empty? A sour crop usually smells very sour or rotten. Have you noticed any odor? Make sure they are drinking plenty of water. There may be some problems with immunity in these chickens since you have been dealing with multiple illnesses. I would use some probiotics in their feed or water. Probios powder isavailable at most feed stores. A vet might be useful to check some droppings for enteritis, an intestinal disease that may follow coccidiosis. Here is a good article about crop problems:

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