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    Mar 12, 2012
    ok so i just got two new chicks a week ago from our local feed store. they are about 10 days old and still having really loose poop, not watery but not formed either. some of the poop in the brooder looks normal and some is this loose light brownish tan. They also have this odor even though I change their beding, water and food daily. the brooder doesnt smell the chicks do. from what i've been reading i'm thinking cocci what are your thoughts? If i treat them and its not that will it hurt them? also I have two children, can people get this? i do have them wash their hands if they touch the chicks but i'd rather not take the chance if they can get sick. if this is not cocci what else could i do? Im doing the "save a chick" electrolyte/vitamin in the water now what else?
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    Young chicks poop quite a variety of poop, often quite runny. Some may even look a bit bloody, as they shed some intestinal lining. Cocci are in the soil, so it is unlikely they have it. Also, they get very sick and even die if they pick up a good case of cocci when young. Usually the danger period for cocci is a bit after they have been put in the coop and exposed to the soil. If they don't act sick, I wouldn't worry about it.

    People can't get cocci as far as I know, but it's good practice to wash hands well after handling chickens -- and a good opportunity to teach kids general handwashing habits. Some chickens carry salmonella, for one thing; it can even be passed to the chick from its mother.
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    There is no known human health risk when dealing with cocci. Your chicks sound fine. :)

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