Coccidia or Intestinal Lining?


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Jan 6, 2011
I brought 6 chickens home today. Four are very young and two are two-three months old, fully feathered but young. I've got those two in a cage desperate from the young ones and one of them (a golden laced Polish, which I got to show) pooped blood. She and the other hen she's with are also not super active and aren't taking a big interest to food. Of course, they got home kind of late and the trip was over an hour so I'm thinking that could be why. I'm not sure. As far as the poop, I'm gathering it's either Cocci or just an intestinal lining. So I'm gonna post s pic and please give me your opinion. Should I run to the store and buy CoRid in the am? Should I treat them all for cocci, if it's likely one has it? Advice greatly appreciated!
According to a "poop chart" I saw, I thought it looked like intestinal lining too, but she did it again a few minutes ago. Is it normal for them to pass intestinal lining so close together? She's eating, drinking and walking around. Sorry, it's gross but I want to make sure she's OK!
It's normal to shed intestinal lining on occasion, but not frequently. Cocci can cause this as well as capillary worms. I recommend you dose with corid like I mentioned in post #3.
Saw this exact same thing in a 9 wk old bird I got from a breeder (re-occurring) and it turned out to be both a SEVERE parasite infestation as well as cocci. (see my formerly posted pics) Which came first? Don't know, don't care. Poor thing had a rough trip, but with a regime of Cocci treatment then a full worming treatment with a lot of probiotics in between and extra protein during the whole process, I now have a beautiful, feisty young roo. His initial development was stunted of course, but he caught up quickly and is happily chasing my hens around and having a very enthusiastic spring as a "teenager".
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I have 5 week old chicks that were treated with Corid for 7 days because of their appearance and behavior. They have been off of Corid for 3 days, but I continue to find small pieces that look like earthworms. Is this intestinal lining? Throughout the Corid treatment I continued to find similar droppings in their water bowls which I clean out several times a day.

Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks!
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