Coccidiosis - should I cull??


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Let me first explain my setup.
I have my own flock of young chickens in one coop and run, a group of chicks in another coop/run, and a vacant coop/run. They are all connected, which is a problem in my case. Here is a drawing to help you understand better.
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.58.32 AM.png

Sorry, it's a terrible drawing.

I'm pretty sure the chicks have coccidiosis. :( (They are they are definitely sick).
I don't know what to do. Will my flock catch it?? Do I have to cull the chicks? There are 5 that are about 6 weeks old.
Please help!
I am no expert at all but I don't believe you need to cull. You can treat with Corrid and that should make them better. LOTS of information on here with dosage and information about both Corrid and Coccidiosis. My pullets had it at 16 weeks, have them Corrid both in water and direct dosing and they all survived and are doing well.
I agree--the coccidiosis should be spread by contact with the droppings, and you don't have that kind of contact. To be extra safe, you could add a small board between the chicks and the adults but probably don't need to. The fact that the mature birds don't have it, is good too. Maybe it's just their young immune systems need to be built up.

ETA::: here's a useful link:

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