Cochin Chicks


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
The Carolinas
I believe I have 2 Silver Penciled Bantam Cochins.
I got them from the bantam bin at the feed store.

I know it may be too soon to tell, but to me,
it seems Chick #1 has an already obvious comb.
These pictures were taken almost a week ago,
and his comb seems even pinker now.

So that has me wondering about Chick #2.
It seems to be feathering in just a hair faster than Chick #1.
It's comb isn't obvious, and it's still more skin color.

I also notice Chick #1 has a lighter head.
Whereas, Chick #2 is darker in color with more spots.

Opinions on gender? Thanks!

(I'll try to update in a few weeks.

Chick #1

Chick #2
Chick #1 looks like a little boy to me. I am not sure about #2 though. It' feathering early but no comb. Sometimes pullets can grow feathers early but it's uncommon.

Keep an eye out for Hackles and Sickles on Chick #1. They're both really gorgeous by the way.
Thank you for the replies. I am very eager to see if Chick #2 is a pullet.
I know it's too soon to really know, but I keep comparing it to the other,
hoping it's a girl, and not a slower maturing boy.

I have 2 other (blue) Cochin chicks with these,
and both of those are looking like cockerels as well.
I wanted to make a final post.

Chick #1 is a cockerel.
He is being rehomed tomorrow along with 2 other cochin cockerels.
I was tempted to keep him, but I already have too many roosters.

And thankfully, Chick #2 is a pullet.
Her name is Lucy, and she is the cochin pullet I was hoping for.

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