Cochin leg color

Black Cochin Bantams

9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
I have some black bantam birds of great type that if you can see the leg through the dense feathers look greenish. The bottoms of all are deep yellow at this time as none are laying at this time. What would you recommend to help get yellow leg color without sacrificing the excellent type bird I currently have.? Using a white, blue of good color or just be more selective with birds being bred?
I cannot help much but have heard of this same problem before. I know breeders of whites will toss in a black every now and then to intensify white... not sure how a white would work with black.

Blacks seem to be fairly common.. what about searching on the cochinsinternational website for some top breeders of excellent blacks to outcross to? Or head to a show. In Bel Air, MD last year, there were a few breeders of awesome blacks there.. one was selling birds in the parking area.
From what I understand yellow legged males can carry genes for green legs and still look yellow. With that said you don't want to use the green legged male, find a male with yellow legs. Green legged males bred to green legged females yeilds all green legs. Now, if you bred a green legged female to a yellow legged male you would get a percentage of yellow legs. The good yellow legged females are the keepers, cull the rest.

Thanks for the help. Will have to separate and segregate the birds so I don't perpetuate the problem. Birds will start to lay next month so will have an idea if this will help by then. The green leg birds will be the best looking outside flock around, at least from a distance.

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