Cochin with a pea comb?

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10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
I have no idea where this came from. My best (darkest) splash roo has always had a strange looking comb. After some research I realized it's a pea comb. Does this mean I'll have to take him out of my breeding pen? (BTW he's about 4 months old)
Sorry this one is blurry-

Sometimes freaky things can pop when breeding. If you don't care about passing on this very undesirable trait, then keep him.. if you're planning on breeding toward the standard or selling eggs, ditch him.
I agree with the blue brahmas. Also he looks more splash, if so try to find some black brahma hens or even black cochins with hatchery type (Like normal tails and such) and breed him to them. Blue brahmas would be popular.
I got him from Thom Dean in MO. He has gorgeous birds- and all of my other ones from him are just right for what I want to do. I did think about the brahma idea too- where could I get a black one?

I guess I could do the EE at the same time. Frizzle or not frizzle....hmmmm.

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